2013 OB/GYN Oral Board Candidates. Case Lists – Ready, Set, Go!

Folks, this is now the time when a significant potion of candidates for this year’s exam start “gearing up” with their Case Lists. I want to encourage every one of you not to leave this to the last minute.

Start your Case List now and get your self up to date, to at least within two weeks of managing the Case. There is also no reason why you can’t fully complete the Office portion of your List. Simply choose those Cases that fulfill the following three criteria. They should all:

1) revolve around issues you are comfortable to talk about

2) revolve around issues that will be of interest to your examiner

3) when taken collectively, represent a broad spectrum of pathology (do not use two Cases of the same diagnosis)

Remember, we are here to help you in any way we can.

As always, all the best for your exam,

Alvin Schamroth FACOG

CEO ExamPro


ExamPro now has an iPhone App for building your Case List for the ABOG OB/GYN Oral Board exam! The Case List Construction Mobile App enables you to quickly input Cases when and where it’s convenient for you, so you can boost your success while you’re on the go.

Works in conjunction with our Web Based Case List Construction Software. 

Preview and Download the App at the iTunes Store.


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